My Teaching

I am a bass/baritone who performs regularly, as well as an experienced choral singer and conductor. If you are looking for somebody to help you get more from your voice, I am the right person.

I work with children, pop singers and choral singers as well as classical and opera soloists. I specialise in church music and leading congregations.

I have also been a journalist for most of my working life and so understand the power of the written and spoken word. So if you need to make a speech or need to command more authority with your voice, you need to talk to me!

As a teacher I am also experienced in leading workshops and group sessions. Recently I’ve been in demand as an animator to start conferences, which usually involves getting students and other teachers warming up and singing together – a great way to take a group of people away from their everyday lives, to break down their inhibitions and to get them to think and work as a team.

So if you want to

- get more from singing in your choir
- be a better soloist
- have more confidence in using your speaking voice
- be a better music leader
- improve your musicianship
- just do something different

you need to talk to me!