Last Sunday Catholic christians in England remember our country as the Dowry of Mary. Here is a hymn to our Lady, along with the Lord is My Shepherd, which I feel is appropriate for the current situation.

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What do I do?

I am a singer, composer, teacher, arranger, conductor. I am a concert organiser, and a web-creator. I am a writer. So what can I do for you?


I am principally a classical baritone, but can also sing in other styles. My compositions, which include church pieces and singing exercises, are easily accessible. I conduct choirs, and am very adept at leading congregations. Oratorio, opera, services, recitals.

Web work

I have been part of the internet since its inception, working as a content creator, website builder and programmer. I can create complete sites, elements for your site, or help provide content. Or advise on what should be there

Prayer music

At this time, it seems appropriate to offer some music to listen to and maybe pray with.

Here are two:

The psalm for Mass on Lent 4: The Lord is my shepherd

A hymn to our Lady for Mother's Day: Hail Holy Queen

Me right now

Here is a little insight into some of the things which I'm doing at the moment...


It would have been nice to have been able to perform these:

Recital of Vaughan Williams and Butterworth 18th March 2020 With David Bednall. Includes the Songs of Travel and Shropshire Lad
Haydn's Creation 28th March 2020 With the Henbury Singers. Hadyn's dramatic, colourful, absorbing oratorio about the six days of Creation

Me right now

  • What I'm rehearsing: Vaughan Williams Songs Of Travel, Butterworth - for a possible livestream
  • Have always supported: Ipswich Town
  • Favourite food: Curry!
  • Just tried cooking: Banana peel pulled-pork-style. Fairly nice
  • Currently recording: My Song is Love Unknown (my version)
  • Most missing...: Bread flour to make fresh bread

Crossword attempts

I have a go at the Guardian crossword every day (the Prize on Saturdays and Everyman on Sundays). Find out how I've got on recently with completing it below. Mouse over the coloured blocks for information

If you want to try the crossword, it\s online at The Guardian website. New one every day!

More of the things I do, and how to contact me

How to contact me, some of my projects you might like to be aware of, and things I'm excited about

Contact Martin

The Space Race

I'm a former pilot, and that sort of thing stays in the genes and then grows. So I'm now watching the new space race with excitement. Elon Musk's SpaceX is currently in front, but Blue Origin and Boeing and many others are also in the race. Latest news: SpaceX expected to pressure test the Starship SN3 later today; static fire next week. And NASA just added another astronaut to the first launch of crew to the ISS