Cantoring up

So church services are due back this weekend. But, of course, without singing.

At least, according to one instruction set I’ve seen, without congregational singing – which may imply that cantored singing is possible. At the moment I personally think that it’s too soon to jump back into cantored masses, although they might be possible if you jump through loopholes. Please, argue with me! Choirs are be a different matter: cantors can stand at a safe distance; choirs, working properly, can’t.

In the run-up to the slow, slow introduction of cantored, then choral, then congregational singing, I will be offering online advice to singers. I have a wealth of singing experience: cantoring, recitaling, oratorio and opera. I am an experienced teacher for young and old alike – and in the past few months I’ve become a dab hand at teaching online.

Also in the past few months, I’ve been recording for online communities, which has made me re-evaluate how I use my voice, and I’m happy to pass on that microphone experience.


The things we could talk about, and sing, in a session are numerous, but I would be happy to tackle subjects such as repertoire, pitching, breathing, approach to the text, timing, congregation-facing and congregation-leading, playing and singing, and many more.

We’re going to be back in those churches soon, with our people, leading them and singing with them and on their behalf. If you think that now would be a good time to get back in trim, drop me an email!