The Lockdown Dividend

To be honest there’s not much of a lockdown dividend if you’re a musician.

So I’ve been helping out with, creating, and moving forward a few other plans and schemes during the past few months. But before I get into that, a thank you to all the students, employers and so on who’ve stuck by me over the time – for the furloughs and the fun, I thank you. Obviously, it’s not kept the income up to normal levels, but it’s been something.

So, here’s one of the products. I’ve been slowly recording my oeuvre (not polished recordings – I hope they’ll come soon) of works from my years at Clifton, and putting them into weekly podcasts. The latest, currently on YouTube here, includes the song psalm What Marvels the Lord worked for us. The service also includes a couple of psalm/canticles to new chants, which is a thing that I’ve been exploring during the quarantine.

Listen if you can, subscribe if you wish, let me know what you think if you like it!