Martin Le Poidevin

About Martin

Martin is a musician and web creator. As a singer, he performs regularly as a church cantor and a classical baritone. As a teacher he is highly experienced in teaching all singing styles to all ages, online and in person. And as a web creator he is a CSS build specialist, but also creates copy (after 20+ years as a newsstand editor) and Wordpress plug-ins

Singing Teaching

Singing Teaching

Martin brings a huge amount of experience to his teaching. He is superb at relating to your needs. As an oratorio soloist he has sung with many of the leading Bristol choirs, so can relate your post-Lockdown re-preparations to the choir that you are in. He knows the conductors and what they want... If you're a young person, Martin is encouraging and can open doors for you - both those in your mind and those which give opportunity


Composer / performer

Martin has a long history of composition. His works include sonatas and organ works, but more recently his efforts have been directed towards song writing, with plenty of works for church use and pieces aimed towards teaching. As a singer, he has performed on recital, opera and oratorio platforms with leading orchestras and soloists, and has covered much of the baritone repertoire

Give them Rest

Give them Rest is part of An Evening Requiem, an oratorio which also has parts which can be used liturgically. I wrote it several years ago to mark, among other things, the start of the First World War. Here is the first movement, re-recorded for this year's Remembrance Day.

Web creation

Web creation

The former editor of a newsstand computing magazine, Martin was in at the start of the internet era and has been creating, updating and coding websites all his professional life. He now runs Allegro-Brio, a web creation agency, and also maintains several sites for himself and clients. HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla, bespoke-CMS - all those terms and acronymns fall prey to Martin's skill!

Contact Martin

Or you can use:
@martinlep | | 07-eight-0-wun 814-seven-65


Martin is a great cryptic crossword fan. Each day he has a go at completing the Guardian crossword. See how he gets on here (on desktops hover over a date for any comments):

And if you're a cryptic crossword fan too, head over to where you will find five cryptic clues each day to test your solving mettle.